Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am the face behind Katie Harmis Photography!


I love my dog Milo more than anything in the world and my favorite place to escape to 4-5 times a year is Disney World!

 If I can't make it to Disney, then I'll escape to the woods with my camera, journal, and my Milo. 

If you follow my personal Instagram account then you have been flooded with photos of my travel destinations. 


One of my greatest passions is travel and my goal is to travel around the world photographing anything and anyone I can.

I have traveled to England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean and I can’t get enough. 

If I could go back to any one of these countries, my heart always calls back to Geiranger, Noway because it feels like it is hidden from the rest of the world behind a beautiful fjord. 

I am both a tea and coffee drinker but my go to drink is red wine... just kidding! My go to is an expresso, which I brew at home!


I love every kind of food but Thai is my favorite! 

If I'm near a whole foods I always need to pick up some of their delicious hot bar Mac and cheese!

As you can tell by the way I edit my photos I love pastel colors!

I love spring and summer but my favorite seasons are Fall and Winter. 

I graduated from Hood College with a Bachelors in Art Communications focused in Photography.


Not going to lie, school was never, ever my forte but finding photography through it helped me persevere!

Sitting in a classroom was never my idea of a stimulating educational setting but I found peace through

travel and a lens.

If I was any good at math or science there is no doubt I would be in veterinary school right now earning a doctorate but hey, what can you do!

 I'm very lucky I've found my passion in capturing happiness.

My family and few close friends mean everything to me.


I'm not sure where I would be today without their love and support.



Thanks for getting through all that! I would love to hear about you!

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