This Is Me

Updated: Jan 7

Hello All!

I am writing this post on a lazy Saturday morning in bed with my two fur babies watching Hallmark Christmas movies (even though it's January 4th) with a large cup of coffee doctored with homemade Bailey's Irish cream. Judge me if you must but is my ideal Saturday morning and I just can't let Christmas go! Sometimes, I wish I could spend a couple months of the Christmas holiday in Europe where Europeans continue celebrating even after Christmas is over but for now I will make the most of Christmas from the sanctuary of my bed.

In the beginning of 2019 I took a leap of faith and I began getting serious about my photography business. My biggest motivation was thinking about the regret I would feel not pursuing the risk. Soon after devoting myself to photography I secured six weddings with 8 months left in the year. I couldn't have done it without the support of the love of my life, Michael. Michael made sure I had everything I needed to succeed including buying me my first full frame camera. He gifted me the camera saying, "You can do this". He believed in me so I decided to, too. The first person to buy me my first camera ever was my dad. After taking my first photography course at Hood College he knew I needed a camera that would last me through college to learn efficiently and give me good results. I will always be grateful for his devotion to my dreams.

My biggest passions are animals, family, travel and photography. I want to travel the world photographing love, people and animals, not just to capture them but to support and spread awareness. I love what I do but I want to be doing more.

So far, I have traveled to England, France, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Copenhagen, Norway, Mexico, Martinique, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and I can't get enough. Every time I go somewhere I come back a different person. I absorb traditions, lifestyles and attitudes which help shape me and my outlook on life. If you couldn't tell by looking at the photos below, I kinda love to go to Disney. If you ever want to know what to do or where to go down Disney just ask!

This blog will be about my life, the everyday stuff, our fur babies, the travels I take with Michael, my family, friends and of course, my blog will be about photography! I'm so happy you all are here and I hope you enjoy, well, me!

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