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Updated: Jan 7

I grew up with Australian Shepards, so it was a bit of a surprise when Michael and I adopted Milo, the German Shepard Husky Heeler! He is the most loyal dog I have ever had and the first dog that was actually mine. He follows me everywhere he can and basically won't let me go anywhere without him. When he was little I would even take him on short trips to the grocery store. I only started leaving him alone when I got a big girl job, which was hard for both of us. He watches me leave out the window everyday but is excited when I come home... theres nothin like coming home to your dog.

His favorite activités include playing with Mila, the German Shepard, and Nala, the Aussie. If he could live in the forest he would and if there's water around he'll find it. Milo gets so excited when I take him to Cambridge to visit my grandparents whose backyard is basically the bay. He sprints to the backyard and plugs of the dock into the water. He's my husky man and I wouldn't have it nay other way.

Milo has recently become a big brother to 3 month old Nala, the Aussie!He plays super well with her and protects her. She falls asleep Milo daily after a hard day of playing. Being a big brother has matured him and let's just say I'm a bit grateful but he's still my "Milo My Love".

Nala girl is as feisty as they come. She doesn't take any crap from Milo. If he accidentally steps on her she gets right back up and pounces, I love her for it. She's growing up tI be one tough cookie, especially growing up with 75 and 85 pound dogs! Michael and I adopted her 4 days before Christmas, which is the best present I could ask for. Her birthday is October 6th, a couple months after Milo, so there's a lot to celebrate. I can't wait to watch her grow up and see the little lady she becomes!

Favorite activities include: playing with Milo and eating!

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