Does anyone just stop and sit after overthinking like a mofo and think "how the hell am I going to make it?". Like everyday, right? For me it has always been "how am I going to make what I love into a career?".

I want to travel the world with the one I love photographing everything that inspires me and blogging about it. I want to book weddings all over the world photographing adventurous couples all the while finding some way to help animals through my photography but I also want a beautiful white country home with lots of land to raise animals and children. I want to save money cause I have terrible anxiety about that but also want to book a random flight to a beautiful place every other day. Seriously, if you look at my search bar it's all about flights and animal welfare. I feel so over whelmed at the thought of doing all of this and begin to doubt that I'll every be able to accomplish these things (or at least not all of them) but honestly when I remember this, and don't just me, the song from Frozen "The Next Right Thing" plays in my mind. If you haven't heard it I swear it's a lyrical zanny.

When things become too much it's because you're looking at the biggest picture and all the steps to get there at one time. Just focus on the one little step and don't focus on the next until you accomplish the one. Eventually, without knowing it, you'll get there. I'm realizing this as I continue with my photography and growing my business.

I need to stop telling myself that I'm not doing enough because not matter what I am doing it should always be enough. Sometimes I sit and do nothing and I cry about it or I overwork myself and accomplish so much but still cry because "am I really doing enough?? Am I doing all the right things??". Bad Katie. When I was little I had big dreams of saving animals and I have yet to aspire to them. I am hard on myself about that. Now, I want to inspire the world with my photographs, not just by photographing weddings but by photographing people, things and animals around the world. Everyone see's the world differently and I like the way I view the world, though it is filled with cruelty, it is a mesmerizing place. We must acknowledge the bad to strengthen the world and make it better.

I want to explore the forests of Germany, run along the cliffs of Ireland, sit on roof tops in Prague and make love in villas in Spain- that's your cue Michael baby ;). I want to rescue animals from terrible conditions and free animals from their "duty" to humankind. I am lucky enough to have a partner that wants to do all of this, too. Michael and I talk about these things for hours, hence why I love him.

So, everyone, "how?" is such a big ambiguous question that is different for everyone. I didn't discover photography until college and didn't think about how I could help animals through it until recently. I can't tell you how just yet, but I'm still learning as will be the prerogative of life.

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